Real-time ASX Exchange Traded Options (ETO’s) prices are now available within Spark.

A lists of available options for a stock, along with their current trading summary can be displayed by typing “O” on any stock specific panel or by clicking on the Options button in the Stock Tools section of the toolbar.

Spark's Exchange Traded Options List

Spark's ASX Exchange Traded Options List

The stock option lists can be filtered on a number of parameters including option type, expiry date, strike price, open interest etc.

Market depth and full charting functionality is available for all option series.

The ASX ETO Data Pack costs an additional $20 per month on top of the standard ASX subscription. See Pricing

If you would like to trial Spark with ASX Options then please complete the Spark trial application form.

Existing subscribers should contact us directly if they want to trial or subscribe to options data.