ABC – Caught by the short and curlies!

Tuesday, 26th of February 2008 is a day Eddy Groves would rather forget.

But Spark doesn’t forget. With Spark you can replay the last 30 days trading activity.

This video graphically depicts Eddy’s nightmarish morning at 60x speed. Each minutes trading activity is represented every second. On Monday ABC’s stock closed at $3.74, within seconds of opening on Tuesday morning it traded as low as $1.15.

A combination of margin calls and aggressive short selling by hedge funds decimated the stock which ultimately cost Eddy the company he founded 20 years earlier.

Watch the pre market trading activity before the market opens and then when ABC goes into suspension around 11am. The blue bar in the chart indicates the expected opening price and moves in response to the changes in the bid and offer queues.

Note – video quality has been reduced to make it web accessible.

Market depth in Spark

March 7, 2008

One of the unique features in Spark is the way it presents market depth as a chart.

Spark’s depth charts visualises the outstanding order book for a stock by graphically depicting each buy and sell order.

Green bars represent the buyers and red bars, the sellers. The height of each bar indicates the aggregate volume of all the orders at a specific price level.

Market Depth

click image to watch video demonstration

As orders flow in and out of the order book and trading occurs the bars grow and contract. The chart animates these changes which over time, and with experience, can help you identify patterns in trading activity and potential trading opportunities.

Beyond displaying the current market depth, Spark also allows you to replay previous trading activity. You can access the last 30 days trading history and have the depth replayed to you at varying speeds.

This replay feature enables you to quickly establish a stock’s recent trading behaviour without having to constantly watch it in realtime. It can help to identify momentum shifts, support/resistance levels and the presence of algorithmic trading.

To see Spark’s market depth charts in action watch this short video presentation.

Spark ScreenshotSpark is a streaming market information platform Iguana2 has been developing over the last three years. It streams both ASX and NZX data and incorporates a number of unique trading tools not seen before.

The Spark development is now complete but before we officially launch the service we want to conduct some final user testing.

We are seeking interested people who are willing to run and test Spark over the next few weeks. Testers will be amongst the first people to use Spark, a market information platform we believe is superior to all others available in the Australian market. We will provide Spark for free during the test period and will offer testers a reduced subscription rate should they want to subscribe in the future.

If you’re interested in helping us out send a message via our contact form.

An Iguana2 representative will respond and provide you with further details.

Testers must

  • be able to spend 45-60 minutes at our Sydney CBD based office to undertake initial training
  • be, or have been, an active ASX equities trader
  • have previous experience with other streaming market data services like Iress, BourseData, Pulse, ComSec Pro or Etrade Pro
  • have access to your own PC and internet connection.
  • be willing to submit bug reports and feedback if a problem is encountered